Scouting For Food

Our local Boy Scout troop is preparing for their  annual Scouting for Food event.  On January 24, 2015, as part of Super Bowl of Caring, our troop would like to once again go door to door in Emerald Forest and place door-hangers to remind folks to donate non-perishable foods to the Brazos Food Bank.  The scouts will return on January 31, 2015 to pick up your donations.  Please be mindful of supporting this worthy cause in the new year.  

Little Free Library

Did you know we have our very own Little Free Library in Emerald Forest?  It is located under the trees by the tennis court and pool.  The mission of the worldwide Little Free Library movement is to promote literacy and the love of reading within our communities by building free book exchanges.  Our library was created by community volunteers and is supported through your participation.  We are especially in need of children’s books and this is a great way to share and recycle those you no longer need.  Please stop by and “Take a book, Leave a book”.  

BCR HOA Management Services

Please contact our BCR management team to arrange pool and clubhouse rental and for other day to day association membership needs.
BCR-HOA Management 
979-703-1819  Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00 
(voicemail gives after hours emergency phone number)
Our mailing address:
700 University Drive East, Suite 108
College Station, Texas  77840

Pool update

We are having additional inspections today and I will have additional information soon. A full report will be available to everyone shortly. Very sorry for the inconvenience, I miss the pool as well but the closure is necessary.

Treasurer Needed Immediatly

We have an opening on the Board that needs immediate appointment. I ask all of our members to seriously consider donating their skills to our neighborhood. We have recently filled our open Security and Rules position and need to fill this one ASAP. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for more information regarding the position and it’s perks.

May Board Meeting

Thursday May 22 at 6:30 pm is our scheduled meeting at the clubhouse. We will have a Blinn representative in attendance to address concerns about the school’s acquisition of the Science Park near our neighborhood as the new campus for the College. You are welcome to attend but can use the contact form at the bottom of the page to voice your concerns which we will in turn consolidate and relay to Blinn.

below is the location of the Science Park in question.

Garage Sale Reminder

Just a week to go until our annual neighborhood garage sale is upon us on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 8 am – 12 pm. I hope everyone is ready and has notified the office if they wish to be included on the map as Wednesday, April 30th is the cut off. Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page with a subject of “Garage Sale”. Our advertisement will be running in The Eagle on Friday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 3rd. There will be a few maps available at the Emerald Parkway entrance and the two entrances from North Forest.  Please call attention to your yard by placing balloons or signs in the yard.

That being said, there will be hundreds of cars in the neighborhood during the event and I ask everyone to heed a bit more caution and patience during the time. Also please have your sale watched at all times.

Here are some more tips for a successful sale and general etiquette:

For Buyers:

  • Haggling: If you see an item that you want and it’s listed for $1 or less, don’t haggle over the price. How would you like to have an item marked for 50 cents and have someone offer you a quarter?
  • Animals: Even though you are a dog lover, there are many who are not. Even on a leash, they can be difficult to maneuver around. Bringing the kids is fine, especially if you are shopping for them. If you do bring the kids, however, keep and eye on what they are doing.
  • Respect: If you want to buy a large item or more items than you can carry, ask the proprietor to mark the item or start a ‘pile’ for you in an out-of-the-way place. It is rude to claim items as ‘yours’ while you continue shopping if you haven’t made any effort to let the proprietor and other shoppers know you intend to purchase them.
  • More Respect: Walking unnecessarily through the yard, stepping in flowerbeds, and blocking neighbors’ driveways are definitely no-no’s. If children accompany you, see to it that they respect the seller’s property as well.
  • Picking Up: If you purchase a large item and need to pick it up later, make sure that you pay for the item so it doesn’t get sold to someone else and that you get the name, address and phone number of the person hosting the yard sale. Also, set an approximate time to pick the item up. If you’re delayed, call and reschedule a time to pick up your merchandise.

For Sellers:

  • Price Your Items: Buyers shouldn’t have to work at figuring out the prices. If it’s too confusing, some shoppers will get frustrated and leave without making purchases.
  • Early Birds: Allowing early shoppers to get the bargains is unfair to the shoppers who are careful to respect your wishes. Remember that accommodating early birds provides positive reinforcement to this inconsiderate behavior. The sale starts at 8am, not 7am.
  • Preparation: There’s nothing worse for a buyer than hearing, ‘How did that get out here? That’s not for sale!’ If you are working with someone else in preparing for the sale, make sure there’s good communication so that things don’t get out that aren’t supposed to.
  • Respect: Whether they’ve bought something or not, before they leave your sale, try to thank as many people as you can for attending. This will make them feel more comfortable if they wish to return later in the day to purchase that item they were wavering on. It will also increase the likelihood they’ll recommend your sale to their friends.